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Gambella Updates
EPRDF Government Displaces Anuak in Over 12 Anuak Villages—Is the End of this Regime Near? Anuak Justice Council 8/19/06    68 kb
Local testimonies of bus ambush on June 11 near Gambella, Ethiopia Anuak Justice Council 6/15/06    67 kb
Ethiopian Army Murders, Rapes, and Kidnaps Sudanese Anuaks Genocide Watch 4/15/06     
Anuaks Suffer as Ethiopian Defense Forces Approach Refugee Camp in Sudan Anuak Justice Council 4/14/06    112 kb
December 13, the Anniversary of the Genocide of the Anuak: Two Years Later and Still No Justice Anuak Justice Council 12/13/05    42kb
Armed Group Attacks Gambella Town Police Station Anuak Justice Council 11/04/05    47 kb
Master Planner of the Anuak Genocide is the New Governor of Gambella: Omot Obang Olom Is Rewarded for His Loyalty to the EPRDF Anuak Justice Council 10/04/05    31 kb
Ethiopian Government Again Attempts to Use Their “Bag of Tricks” Anuak Justice Council 04/05/05    51 kb
February/March Update Human Rights Rights Violations Against the Anuak Anuak Justice Council 03/20/05    56 kb
Update of Extra-judicial Killings Torture and Disappearances of Anuaks
Anuak Justice Council 01/29/05    72 kb
Ongoing Human Rights Violations in Gambella Anuak Justice Council 01/12/05    62 kb
Update on Anniversary of December 2003 Massacre

Anuak Justice Council 12/16/04    46 kb
Advocacy  top
Open letter to Ambassador Fesseha Asghedom Tessema Anuak Justice Council Executive Board 4/10/06    51 kb
Open letter to Representative Christopher Smith, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa (pdf) Obang Metho, Anuak Justice Council 4/10/06    125 kb
Testimony to the United States House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations Anuak Justice Council 3/28/06    125 kb
Briefing to the Human Rights Caucus, US House of Representatives Gambella Development Agency 10/27/04    64 kb
ACPR Memo to the Ethiopian Government
Anuak Committee for Peaceful Resolution 10/13/04    34 kb
Memo to Ethiopian Ambassador to the US
Anuak Committee for Peaceful Resolution 10/13/04    26 kb
US Congress letter to Meles (Signed by 12 members of Congress) (PDF)
Congressional Staff 08/06/04 294 kb
Anuak Letter to Congress
Gambella Development Agency 6/16/04    115 kb
Memo to subcommittee on Africa/Committee on International Relations/House of Representatives, USA
Gambella Development Agency 6/1/04    70 kb
Letter to African Commission on Human and People's Rights
Gambella Development Agency 5/23/04    112 kb
Statement by the International Secretariat of the World Organisation Against Torture
World Organisation Against Torture 05/05/04    33 kb
Who is Responsible for the Anuak Genocide
Gambella Development Agency 05/01/04    39 kb
Call for a Commission of Investigation
World Organisation Against Torture 04/27/04    104 kb
Testimomy to Africa Bureau of UNHCR
Gambella Development Agency 04/09/04    77 kb
News and Information  top
Letter to Secretary of State, Ms. Condoleezza Rice, from members of the U.S. Congress (PDF)
U.S. Congress
03/13/07    148 kb
Opening Statement by Chairman Chris Smith, House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations (PDF)
U.S. House of Representatives
05/05/05    78 kb
Ethiopia: The 15 May 2005 elections and human rights - recommendations to the government, election observers and political parties
Amnesty International
04/29/05    160 kb
U.S. Ambassador Aurelia E. Brazeal Visits Gambella
US Embassy
02/01/05    36 kb
Testimonies by Three Eye Witnesses of the December Massacre Eisei Kurimoto 12/31/04    88 kb
Torture and Detention of Omot Ojulu Abella
Amnesty International 12/17/04    33 kb
Refugees and Settlers
Eisei Kurimoto 12/15/04    162 kb
The “Rwanda Model” in Gambella

Keith Snow 12/15/04    50 kb
"Refugee stories from Allary, Pochalla, Sudan" Collected by Doug McGill 07/27/04    40 kb
International Community Should Investigate Government Role in Ongoing Gambella Violence (PDF)
Survivor's Rights International 05/05/04 37 kb
Meles Zenawi comments on Gambella killings
Anuak Survival Organization 05/04/04    139 kb
List of victims of Genocide
Anuak Community Association In North America 2/15/04    14 kb
Investigations  top
Suppressed UN Report Documents Government Role in Destabilizing Region While New Threats of Genocidal Violence Arise All Things Pass Journalism 12/13/06 1.1 mb
Soldiers in the Ethiopian military have killed, raped, and otherwise abused hundreds of Anuak civilians in the Gambella region of the country International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA 12/13/06 1.3 mb
Targeting the Anuak: Human Rights Violations and Crimes against Humanity in Ethiopia’s Gambella Region Human Rights Watch 3/24/05    
Ethiopia and Eritrea: Promoting Stability, Democracy and Human Rights (PDF)
Human Rights Watch
05/05/05 149 kb
Operation Sunny Mountain, a comprehensive investigation of the December massacre Genocide Watch and Survivor's Rights International 12/13/04    129 kb
Today is the Day For Killing Anuaks Genocide Watch and Survivor's Rights International 2/25/04    90 kb
Genocide Watch: The Anuak of Ethiopia
Genocide Watch 1/8/04    90 kb
Report of Fact-Finding Visit to Pochalla, Sudan
Gambella Development Agency 1/15//04    90 kb
Legal Action  top
Claim Filed at International Criminal Court: Crimes against Humanity Committed by the Ethiopian Government against the Anuak People Anuak Justice Council/Public International Law and Policy Group
06/13/05    167 kb
Cover Letter for Claim Filed at International Criminal Court

Anuak Justice Council
06/13/05    41 kb
Crimes Against Humanity and Impending Genocide

Public International Law and Policy Group
12/04    157 kb